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Enjoy the Process

Do you want success in life? Of course you do. Do you desire failure? Obviously not. Have you always succeeded in every endeavor you’ve undertaken? Of course not. Have you ever tasted failure on your way to success? Absolutely. Why … Read More »

Practice the Art of Adherence

Let’s talk about Indian thorny bamboo. You may never have heard of this plant species native to Asia. Like many types of bamboo, this kind, when planted, requires the right amount of watering, sunlight, and care. It takes up to … Read More »

Make Fear Your Ally

I’d like to start this week’s post with a question: What if fear didn’t exist? Take just a moment to think about this. What do you think? Would anything ever get done if we didn’t face some fears in our … Read More »

What to Do When the Race Gets Tough

My family, friends, and acquaintances know that, over the last couple of years, I’ve gotten into participating in endurance events. Note that I describe myself as “participating” rather than as “competing.” I am not now, nor have I ever been, … Read More »

What You “R” Is Not Who You “I”

Last week we discussed how criticism can affect every part of our lives and how, if we don’t handle it well, negative feedback can ultimately derail our careers. We can’t prevent being criticized, but we can control how we react, … Read More »