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No Excuses

According to the Oxford Dictionary, an excuse is defined as “a reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense.” In simpler terms, an excuse is a reason that motivates our actions or lack thereof. Years … Read More »

Why We Need Omnipresent Salespeople

Have you ever noticed that the best reps always seem to be in all places at the same time?  Throughout my sales career, I’ve observed that the best of my competitors always seemed to be in the picture: I would … Read More »

Problems = Opportunities (But Only if You Face Them!)

A couple of months ago, I raced in the Leadville 100-mile mountain bike race, which was, by far, the most challenging endurance event I’ve faced so far. I am relatively new to bike racing—up until about 18 months ago, my … Read More »

Do You Buy What You Want or What You Need?

A survey released by showed that 55% of workers come back to work after time off without feeling rejuvenated, while others struggle to cope with work-related stress while they’re away. In another survey 69% of workers check in with … Read More »

No Regrets

Regret can be defined as the feeling of wishing we’d done something in the past in a different way. We all experience feelings of regret at some point in our lives—times when we’re bombarded with “could haves,” “would haves,” and … Read More »