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Getting After It: A Study in Success

In recent months, I wrote a series of posts spotlighting some of our great sales leaders at ConMed. These posts have been so well-received that I would like to do several more in the weeks ahead. Whether you are interested in … Read More »

A Glimpse into Success, Part IV

As Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ConMed, it is an honor for me to get to work with extremely talented people every day. I recognize that this is a privilege, and so I have decided to shine the … Read More »

Seeds of Success

Greatness is in all of us!  We are capable of achieving our true potential and success.  To own our success and push ourselves towards it, we need self-awareness and commitment. I recently started reading books by John Maxwell.  He is … Read More »

Dream, Focus, and Succeed!

A few weeks ago, I shared with you my goals for 2013 and challenged you come up with your own BHAGs (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals), write them down, and then share them.  If we choose to, we can all make 2013 … Read More »

The Keys to Self-Education

Last week, we discussed the importance of continuing self-education, and we learned that self-education is important not only for our business lives as salespeople, but for our personal lives as well. Interesting people are those who continue to educate themselves throughout … Read More »